Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MCCR Card Creating Tuesday

Today's Theme is make a 3D Card .... So when I sat down to make my card  It clicked that it was going to be posted  on  9/11 .....so I had to do something to show my support to family and friends , who to this day still live with the inpact of that morning that forever changed our world..... On 9/11/01  I was up because my husband just left to work and my 4 month old baby Justin needed to be feed ....I turned on the tv (today show) and watched everything live and in shock the rest of the day ....

 A2 size card .... Ribbon and Rosettes cut at 1"x 6 and Stand and Salute cut at 4" for the words.

I then cut the statue at 4" and used Tim Holtz disress ink to get the effect on her. I cut a dog tag on my gyspy to fit and cut the phrase 3" from Stand and Salute....

Today I'm Thankful for my Brother in Law Tom who is in  Kabul Afghanistan at Bagram Air Base  and pray for his safe return.... and to my dear friend Gabby I'm sending her hugs and prayers today as I have seen over the years all the pain from that day.

Thanks for letting me share my feelings and deep thoughts with you and may today bring peace to the world.

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  1. Really pretty card and today being 9/11 is so appropriate for it too! Thanks to all the men and woman in the armed forces for making our country the land of the free!! Thought and prayers to your BIL and my heart goes out to your friend.

    MCCR DT Sis

  2. What a perfect card for today! It is so beautiful and makes me so proud of our country! Thank you for sharing your memory of that day. Prayers for your BIL and your friend too.


    Jodie R

  3. Awesome card Jen, what a great way to remember and support! I love the combination of elements your card has and how you put them together. I wish all the best for your BIL.
    My Cricut Craft Room

  4. This card is amazing and so right for today. Great job Jen.

    Nadja MCCR DT Sister

  5. Great card love it. Thanks for sharing ur story with us. I will send a prayer for ur brother in laws safe return home.

    MCCR DT, LIsa CH